How to automatize resource downloading from

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How to automatize resource downloading from

Postby Alex_TS » 26.04.17, 21:19

Some customers are asking us how to download automatically all resources from Unfortunately current update server architecture don't allow to make a single button "Download all". However you can reduce amount of clicks. For that you will need a Firefox web browser, Link Gopher and DownThemAll! plugins.

Below is the illustrated guide:

1) Go to resources root page:


2) Go to any folder where *.pcr files are stored and press "Extract all links" at Link Gopher plugin icon:


3) Then select all links to *.pcr files and run "DownThemAll! Selection" from context menu


4) Press Ctrl+A, right click mouse and select "Check selected Items", then "Start" button


5) Profit! *.pcr files are downloading with download manager. Repeat that for all links at stage (1)


Little trick in the end: If you need to import all pcr's at once you can move them to C:\Program Files\Ace Lab\PC-3000\Bin\DBUpdates and press "Find DB updates" button in PC-3000 software.

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Re: How to automatize resource downloading from

Postby Amarbir[CDR-Labs] » 28.04.17, 10:31

Cheers ,
Thanks for this pavel ,We can also import them one by one right
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Re: How to automatize resource downloading from

Postby antonvn » 30.09.17, 13:45

Hi All and to Pavel in particular.
The download part is great and even if I have to download items 1 by 1, it is also okay. My question is about implementing the updates. In my box I have a lot of firmware with a 'new' logo next to just about every item.

How does PC-3000 deal with these, does it do the update automatically? This is not a stupid question, I have many applications that do automatic updates, most of the time you just get a message saying updates were installed. If I have to do the update manually, that is okay too, I am not sure how to do it because I was not able to find any reference to a 'mass' update. How do the rest of you do the firmware update?

My thinking is to copy the firmware to C:\Program Files (x86)\ACE Lab\PC-3000\Bin\DBUpdates and then open the 'Database' tab. The PCB updates came in the form of .exe and I have noticed that by running the .exe files, the PCB files were extracted to this directory and when I opened PC-3000 and opened the Database tab, I was presented with a message, asking if I want to import the new updates - it took about 3 hours to complete.

There are many zip, rar, 7z files amongst the firmware, so I think that I have to extract them first and then copy them to C:\Program Files (x86)\ACE Lab\PC-3000\Bin\DBUpdates. Okay, your turn, how do you guys do it, am I on the right track?

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