WD10SMZW-11Y0TS0 with encrypted ROM...

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WD10SMZW-11Y0TS0 with encrypted ROM...

Postby 300ddr » 06.06.18, 20:37

I don't believe I've seen this before. Drive is SED encrypted. I moved ROM to SATA PCB and shorted TV9/10, still can't read ROM (same if I blocked head contacts) -- "SED Locked." I removed and manually read ROM in a ROM reader... it looks almost completely encrypted.

Is there no way to access firmware on this kind of drive with encrypted ROM?

Copy of ROM here: https://slack-files.com/T041AF3B4-FB2QX290T-43c038afb9


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Re: WD10SMZW-11Y0TS0 with encrypted ROM...

Postby Maxim_TS » 07.06.18, 12:07

300ddr, it's a new, currently unsupported Palmer family.
We will appreciate if somebody knows how to deal with them :)

Regarding ACE Team, our Developers are working on it now.
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ACELab technical support

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