Corona Virus - What about April Conference?

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Corona Virus - What about April Conference?

Postby Tweety » 10.03.20, 11:24


In connection with the spread of the current Corona Virus, I wanted to know what will happen to this year's conference in April to be held in Prague

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Re: Corona Virus - What about April Conference?

Postby northwind » 11.03.20, 12:14

Oh, it's gonna be fun, we've booked flight tickets, hotels etc..

However, I don't think anyone can really answer this question. With today's facts, I find it extremely unlikely for the conference to be held as planned. But, it's in 6 weeks from now and things change rapidly with this thing.

I guess we'll just wait and see.

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Re: Corona Virus - What about April Conference?

Postby SGdata » 11.03.20, 17:44

There's one good thing about it that might happen - we'll get the update sooner.

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Re: Corona Virus - What about April Conference?

Postby ACE_Admin » 17.03.20, 12:52

Hi everyone!

We have been closely monitoring the situation around the coronavirus but the uncertainty is increasing day by day.
The Exceptional measures of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic prohibit conducting events for more than 100 people. Besides, the Czech Republic closes the borders to travellers.

So we decided to host the free ACE Lab Technology Conference as an ONLINE EXPERIENCE this year.
It will be almost like a live conference, but you can attend it from your home, work, or wherever you want.

Please see more details on the website: ... online.php
With best regards
ACELab technical support

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