What happened to Easy Mode

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What happened to Easy Mode

Postby wirelessplanet » 30.05.19, 19:22

So I just did a software update after more than a year (mostly for the apfs support) and now noticed that easy mode is gone. Easy mode was great because i could very easily show the smart data and filetree to the customer as well as know weather the heads may need to be replaced very quickly with the self test. Has it been removed or just moved? I would really appreciate letting me know. Thanks.

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Re: What happened to Easy Mode

Postby 300ddr » 11.06.19, 08:46

I miss this also. Ace told me they removed it and it's only in the Portable(?) version now. Very disappointing as I used it daily to quickly check donor drives before backing up. :(

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Re: What happened to Easy Mode

Postby SGdata » 11.06.19, 14:38

Damn, i used it too for a quick donor check. First PC3k mobile, now this... it's going the wrong way.

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