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BUG with Head Map on Hitachi ARM with 2 heads...

Posted: 08.07.16, 02:35
by 300ddr
I've had this issue several times. At least for models HTS725050A7E630 and HTS725032A7E630, which I have running now.

In both cases, the drive clicks. The NVRAM head map is 00 01. Changing to 00 00 fixes clicking, and drive can ID and read. Head map in DE shows 2 heads, no errors reported making the map.

But, it's clear once I start cloning, that the head map is wrong (many bad sectors/areas in the "good" head). If just head "0" is left enabled in DE, it will be able to recover about 25% of the sectors on the drive. If I enable head "1" in DE (but still OFF in NVRAM), then I can get the other 25%, for a total of 50% (1 head).

Seems the head map is not being properly calculated.

Hope this makes sense.