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UDMA Power Issue

Posted: 28.05.18, 03:59
by kennethwy
Good day

1. SATA 0: running imaging
2. SATA 1: Power on HDD, SATA 0 power off & on, continuously --> same goes to SATA 1

In short, that's no way for us to run both SATA 0 & 1 at the same time (we have not use both at one go once)

We connect all data & power cables as per PC3000 manual.
Do anyone faced the same issue before?

Please advise, thanks in advance.
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Re: UDMA Power Issue

Posted: 28.05.18, 15:33
by Blizzard
What size power supply are you using? Have you already tested it with another, known good, power supply?

Re: UDMA Power Issue

Posted: 29.05.18, 22:53
by DataMedics
I used to occasionally see a momentary power interruption (back when I had the UDMA board) when I would power on the other channel and had a 3.5" drive imaging on the other. But, it seemed to go away after putting in a larger higher end power supply. It's definitely worth dropping $100+ for a good power supply when running something as critical as PC-3000.

Re: UDMA Power Issue

Posted: 30.05.18, 08:58
by kennethwy
Hi all,

I'm using Silverstone 700W Strider Essential power supply.