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Bitlocker raw recovery

Postby LMDRO » 19.02.21, 03:12

I have a drive that is encrypted with Bitlocker. I've got the encryption key based off the key ID. manage-bde -unlock (drive letter) -rp will not accept the key, however when creating a virtual encrypted bitlocker drive on the Data Extractor, It does accept the key. I see no files or folders within the data extractor. Past experience has not let me run a Raw Recovery on encrypted bitlocker drives without first decrypting them. However Bitlocker's manage-bde not accepting the key prevents me from decrypting the drive.

Can the Data Extractor actually decrypt so that I can attempt a raw recovery?

With Mcafee Endpoint Encryption, I was able to force a decryption regardless of if I had the correct key or not. Are there any tools that allow this for bitlocker?

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Re: Bitlocker raw recovery

Postby msurgeon » 23.02.21, 20:38

DE will allow full decryption of the Bitlocker drive. You should see the drive letter with a unlocked padlock icon next to the drive letter. If you see this, then the drive has been decrypted. You can proceed with raw recovery if you see no files/folders.

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