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Re: Feature request

Postby DataMedics » 08.05.20, 15:59

Here's a relatively simple feature request. Could DE include an option to rename the Recycle bin folder when saving it out so as to prevent Windows from getting the corrupt recycle bin errors? I notice other software such as R-Studio will rename it slightly so Windows doesn't confuse it for the system recycle bin. Perhaps even an option where all of the system metadata files starting with $ are renamed using a different special character that Windows won't try to interact with.

I'm always getting customers calling back because they are confused by the error about a corrupt recycle bin. I've also seen strange things on occasion, such as a $Bitmap file (which I simply forgot to uncheck) getting recovered and overwriting the destination's own $Bitmap file and causing it to show as nearly full when it isn't. I think just replacing the $ with a %,# or some other character would resolve all that.

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