reformat NTFS to HFS recovery

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reformat NTFS to HFS recovery

Postby baldric » 06.07.18, 19:50

is there chance of recovery from hard drive with NTFS reformat to HFS , failed to install mac OS?
i was able to scan & see files in raw format , most looks good.
but if i scan partition, and recover from NTFS with file structure. most of the files are bad, and they are labelled as good files(not problem files) during save out.

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Re: reformat NTFS to HFS recovery

Postby Amarbir[CDR-Labs] » 07.07.18, 18:26

Sir ,
New FS " File system " Has overwritten most or some sections on NTFS ,If structure giving bad results only raw is the option
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Re: reformat NTFS to HFS recovery

Postby AJ2008 » 09.07.18, 09:47

Structured recovery will depend on presence of MFT records. Maybe backup boot record is still present, look for it, locate MFT location (6293504 is a common location for MFT record), if MFT records exist create virtual partition based on backup boot record and load MFT records from file if needed.

If there are no MFT records remaining, or have been overwritten, then RAW is the only option you will have

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