How to hide defects in the P-List and to disable areas and heads in the Toshiba utility Topic is solved

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How to hide defects in the P-List and to disable areas and heads in the Toshiba utility  Topic is solved

Postby Filipp_TS » 07.12.15, 12:11

How to hide defects in the P-List and to disable areas and heads in the Toshiba utility
("Zones and Heads Disabling" mode)

Toshiba drives have certain specific features and restrictions for the procedure of hiding defects in the P-List
and the procedure of zones and heads disabling.

The number of hidden defects depends on the size of the P-List, i.e. the number of P-List defect entries that can be added.
The older HDD families have 1022 entries, the newer - 4096 entries, and the latest HDD families have 16382 entries or even more.
Each entry can hide any large number of consecutive PBAs.
Consequently, when you hide a limited number of surface areas of any size, the P-List won't have any problems with capacity.
However, when you need to hide a large number of defects, the lack of P-List capacity may occur. As a result, you may fail to hide all the defects.

For the "Zones and Heads Disabling" procedure, the situation is the same.
If you hide the consecutive zones via all heads, there is no problem with the hiding.
But if you hide areas for one selected head or for non-consecutive heads
(for example, Heads 1 and 3 at a 4-head HDD), the P-List capacity may be insufficient, and it will be impossible to turn off the whole head.
It depends on the number of microzones on the selected head and the number of available entries in the P-List.
For example, the MK3263GSX model has 1022 entries in the P-List, but the number of microzones per each Head is 2196.
Therefore, it is impossible to hide a head completely.

There are many families that don't allow to hide PBA=0, probably only some f/w, it has to be checked experimentally.
That's why at such HDDs you won't be able to completely hide the Head 0.
To be more precise, it will be possible to hide all the PBAs related to Head 0, except PBA=0.

For the 32GSX and 37GSX families, PBAs can be hidden only up to a certain limited number.
For example, at MK6037GSX you can hide 17849743 PBA, but 17849744 and more can't be hidden.
Probably, this applies only to some f/w.

In the "Zones and Heads Disabling" window, you can right-click a drop-down menu.
In this menu, you can choose methods for selecting the desired band to hide in P-List.
You can set a LBA or a PBA range, load a scanned or pre-established list of LBAs or PBAs, mark a whole zone by the Heads (turn off the Head),
mark the required areas by selected heads. Besides, you can manually select the required microzones.
The selected defects are written when you click the "Apply" button.
At the bottom of the window, you can see three numbers.The first one is the total number of the microzones,
the next one is the number of the selected microzones, and the last one is the total number of PBAs in these selected microzones.

Here you can find an article with screenshots: ... d-faq.html
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Re: How to hide defects in the P-List and to disable areas and heads in the Toshiba utility

Postby O.S » 19.06.21, 16:06

Nice and simple explanation

Thanks :thumbup:

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