Toshiba Busy

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Toshiba Busy

Postby pclab » 14.03.15, 22:38


Today I got a strange thing:

I was working on a toshiba MK5076GSK, to try to refurbish it.
It was detected fine and I could read all CP's.
I cleared Smart and G-list. Then I power it off and on, and now it's always busy...
Even with just the PCB connected...
Any way to get it back to work?


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Re: Toshiba Busy

Postby hipo » 16.03.15, 12:13

hi PC Lab
Find donor PCB from same family and power on, after RDY go in Terminal and press enter you should see ">". Than power off donor board and connect your PCB and hdd, after power on hdd should be RDY. Upload all original CP. And I do few power ON/OFF and wait maybe a minute until HDD become RDY.

I use this method in Faraday on Toshiba MK3265GSX.
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Re: Toshiba Busy

Postby jinarto » 08.01.16, 16:28

hi hipo
how r u

ur mean pcb donor to hdd patient then power on until ready status then go to terminal and press enter then see >
then power off
then use patient pcb to patient hdd and it be ready now ?
upload original CP ? what is the mean ?
your mean when use donor pcb to patient hdd after ready then read cp. this cp ?

Thanks :D ,

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Re: Toshiba Busy

Postby DataMedics » 09.01.16, 20:39

He's referring to using a donor of the same family to just open the utility. However you can do that without even connecting one, just select the correct family and ignore all the prompts/error messages until you get to where you can open the terminal window. There's another method to force them ready too, but I'm not supposed to share it as per the person who shared it with me.

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Re: Toshiba Busy

Postby Filipp_TS » 11.01.16, 14:22

If drive was in Ready state but after rewriting something on the surface get a BSY state then it have a problem with the Heads/surface and rewriting procedure damaged the modules.
Basically if toshiba drive have the BSY state you can try to perform these steps: ... shiba-busy
With best regards
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