Fujitsu MHT2030AT IDE / Error ABR

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Fujitsu MHT2030AT IDE / Error ABR

Postby Navafigo » 28.06.17, 13:38

Hello everyone
I am trying to recover a FUJITSU MHT2030AT Ide. The original bios is burned. But I have a pcb of the same characteristics.

When I connect it to the PC3000 it gives me the error "HDD ID has not been read." ERROR: Device error detected "ABR" Run utility? "

I know it's because the bios is not the original but how can I write your original bios?

They told me about a fujitsu program on floppy disk that does that function but I have no idea.

Please help

The rom is 07f5-oo9b

pd: Sorry for my english

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Re: Fujitsu MHT2030AT IDE / Error ABR

Postby Filipp_TS » 14.12.17, 18:18


You can just resilder ROM chip from the patient PCB to the donor one.
Connect this donor PCB (with native patient ROM) to patient Drive and check drive's behavior in PC-3000.
Is it spinning with out noises (doesn't spin down), get a Ready state or remain in BSY ?
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