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wd hdd

Postby compuman » 25.05.08, 00:35

hi Roustam,
here is christinos from cyprus,
1)i need recources for wd5000aaks-00yga0,firmware version:00580076, rom version: 58.76D
please is urgent
or if someone in the forum has this kind of recources please contact me!!!

2) i need also recources for wd1200bevs-00ust0, 2.5" McKinley
firmware version:00040094 rom version:04.94C

3) i have a wd800jb-00fma0, firmware:(13.03G13) which all the modules, rom reading is o.k but ram (allocation table has an error)!
i have been changed the pcb board with a same one, on this hdd
please contact me as soon as possible!i will sent to you what i have done up to now on you e-mail. please check it!

i hope you get well soon!thanks anyway

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