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Need resources  Topic is solved

Posted: 19.06.08, 16:14
by elgie
I ahve a toshiba laptop hdd. MK2546GSX model. i cant detect the family of it in the pc3000. is there somebody here who have same resources as these???

Posted: 19.06.08, 16:28
by dmarques
Most probably you don't need resources for that drive.

What's the problem of the drive?

Posted: 19.06.08, 17:23
by elgie
the hdd is going in the state of readiness. but if im using the pc3000 it cant detect the family of it?? i try all the family but still nothing is available.. maybe you have resources for this..

Posted: 19.06.08, 19:05
by dmarques
But if the drive is OK, what do you want to do with it?

Posted: 21.06.08, 07:38
by elgie
i think the hdd is having some bad sectors because i try to use some third party software but it always stopped and freeze on a specific sectors. is there any way for it??? thanks

Posted: 23.06.08, 11:20
by dmarques
Have you tried to read data with Data Extractor?
Just power the drive and enter DE and try to read data.