ST1000NM0018 Dell Enterprise

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ST1000NM0018 Dell Enterprise

Postby IBH » 12.02.19, 00:06

This Dell HD arrived for me already open and with a click on the read head, after looking for some time I found on the internet same model ST1000NM018 EXOS 7E2, I changed the read head and continued the click, with the HD open I turned on and I held the actuator not to get off the disk and turn off the engine, and after a few attempts came to detect, I have done this several times with seagate models of higher capacity and always works. I started to clone with a lot of trouble, but after some time stopped detecting and got busy, I did not find any information about this model, could someone tell me what the points are in the PCB 100815275 RV A to give the short circuit? thank you.

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