St31000524AS partial access

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St31000524AS partial access

Postby IBH » 12.03.19, 00:56

I am with a ST31000524AS Fw: JC45 recognizes and I can clone perfect up to 44 million, I have re-translated the translator and it continues with the same problem, any tips?

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Re: St31000524AS partial access

Postby digitalsupport » 12.03.19, 08:02

If "re-translated" means automatic translator recovery and that did not work, you might have false defects in NRGL check this article: ... fects.html

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Re: St31000524AS partial access

Postby Filipp_TS » 14.03.19, 16:43

Another possible issue - atomatical methods can't to collet defects and this is candidate for manual Translator regeneration process (necessary to manually collect and add defect records into defect list)
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