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Posted: 08.08.19, 12:16
by antonvn
Hi guys, I got this weird disk and it would not let me do anything. I think that the PCB and/or ROM are faulty, but I hope that you can give me advice on how to proceed with recovering this disk. I am also unable to backup the ROM. I do not have a donor and I am hoping to recover the disk without one if possible.

I have attached the screen-copy to show the messages and status, as well as the initial 2 messages leading to the screen-copy. The disk capacity reported is 4GB, but it is a 2GB desktop disk.
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Screen Messages.jpg
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Re: st2000vm003

Posted: 08.08.19, 20:34
by digitalsupport
Tell some more details. Is the drive spinning and does it keep spinning, ?
Any hints in terminal ?

Re: st2000vm003

Posted: 15.08.19, 09:36
by antonvn
Hi Digitalsupport,

The disk spins up and stops. There are no messages in the terminal section. The disk sounds normal; no tell-tale noises or beeps. The customer said that the disk was working the one day and the next day it did not come ready on his computer. The disk is mounted in an external case (USB3), but it was not dropped or bumped. The power monitor does not give me any indication of too much power being drawn on 12V, the 5V display is normal.

Re: st2000vm003

Posted: 15.08.19, 09:55
by antonvn
More information:
DRD, DSC and PHY boxes are green
ERR and ABR comes on when I do anything to the disk - read/write or backup ROM.

You will notice that the 'terminal' tab is empty.
Screen Messages1.jpg
Screen Messages1.jpg (241.57 KiB) Viewed 4039 times

Re: st2000vm003

Posted: 15.08.19, 10:08
by digitalsupport
Looks like 99% heads to me. Typical Seagate behavior.