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Very strange case with ST1000DM003 - Grenada

Posted: 08.09.19, 20:15
by igen
Hi all,

The HDD - ST1000DM003 - Grenada.
The motor starts normally, normal voice, detects correctly.
SA zone read without errors (copy 0 and 1).
Two heads.


At the head of no.1 did a full scan in DE. From 0 to 1953525168 sec.
And from head no. 0 ? The first few million sectors - ideally - without errors (fully speed). Above 7-8 million sectors to the end of disk - head no. 0 reads nothing.

Has anyone encountered such a problem?

Is this damage to part of the head surface 0 ? If so, they should have any single errors at the beginning of surface 0 (dust head).

Is this damage to the 0 head? If so, why does it read the beginning of surface number 0 without errors?

Or is it specific translator damage?

I am asking for advice

Re: Very strange case with ST1000DM003 - Grenada

Posted: 10.09.19, 11:31
by igen
Hello again

Due to the lack of other possibilities - i replaced the heads and .... Bingo!
Head surface 0 - 100% read without errors.

For the future - when part of the surface (of one head) is readable and other part is not readable - replace the heads!

Greetings all