Bad CRC Seg:0x03

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Bad CRC Seg:0x03

Postby redlabs » 03.02.20, 07:42

Dear Friends ,

I have received hard disk with rom error ,Hard disk not spinning ,Terminal error : Bad CRC Seg:0x03

I have swap ROM from Other same model hard disk and swap SAP+CAP+IAP to the donor ROM ,Hard disk is start up but its showing Model : ST500LT012-1DG142
Serial : WBY1P720 actually damaged hard disk S/N :WBY9T3WX
Firmware : 1003
Capacity : 4 GB (8 089 950)

Serial Number was showing as a donor rom its not changed to damage hard disk S/N .

Terminal out Put :

Boot 0x10M[0x00000000][0x00000000][0x0002B55C][0x0002B55C][0x0000E0A0][0x0000E0A0][0x000395FC][0x000395FC]
SimError - Remaining in BootFW
Perform a double download without a power cycle

Kindly any one suggest me to solve this case .Ace lab team please help us

Thank you

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