Western Digital SED with Encryption

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Western Digital SED with Encryption

Postby murphman » 27.02.20, 22:54


I have an older external WD my passport (FBlite). The drive had a slow responding problem (fixed). I also converted it to sata but cant get into WD utility due to SED.

The drive is also encrypted with "WD Drive Unlock"; password works fine through USB but the drives got some bad sectors.

i never fixed SED on an encrypted/wd password protected drive. im assuming same rules apply and there is no danger but i thought I would ask first just in case. removing the SED check mark through drive id, will not effect or somehow screw up the encryption right!?

thank you!

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Re: Western Digital SED with Encryption

Postby Filipp_TS » 26.06.20, 14:16


Difficult to say what an issue it have.
If case still an actual please contact us at ts.acelaboratory.com - we will check it.
With best regards
ACELab technical support

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Re: Western Digital SED with Encryption

Postby Doomer » 26.06.20, 18:37

murphman wrote:Source of the post removing the SED check mark through drive id, will not effect or somehow screw up the encryption right!?

it should be a safe thing to do, yes.

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Re: Western Digital SED with Encryption

Postby sin » 28.08.20, 00:15

It is very essential to know whether the drive experienced a fall or jerk.

Any way, basic guidelines if this is just a slow responding drive presuming all heads are working and faithful.......
1.Backup ROM CODE....
2.Try to gain access of SA by blocking 30 (since it is old drive). You should be able to get access to all mods since DIR would be read. Backup all mods(there are times 04 wont copy since it requires loaders priorly.....)
3.once all mods are backed up, i request you to put all of the dump in a seperate zip file and keep it safe. Do a slow read fix..then allow 30 get it ID and see if there are speed differences in DE.

*NOTE*However, you may need to head map the drive in case any of them have to be disabled.
For Head Map i believe you will have to get the drive IDéd with the SED lock off possibly(corret me guys if I am wrong here)..Do a head map in DE with your utility running. Make sure you decrypt the data using the DE either by reading the keys from SA or using mod25.

These are just broad outlines and not specific solution to your drive.

As discussed above, it is very essential to investigate the drive and its condition before making any changes to SA.. Drive with bad heads can go bonkers if you try to write any mods (Slow responding fix is writing 02).

Also make sure you dont clear SMART of such drives as the keys are in mod 25 (hopefully) and it would be wise to not to have them destroyed.
The entire salt and pepper from life will go out of the window..

Please be careful in following or implimenting any of the content written above.

To build knowledge base: Best is to get buy a SED Fblite or use from your stock, put 50-100 gigs of data in it with pwd option turned on (smartware) and trying what I said above on your own drive for learning purposes. That way you do not risk somebodys dirve and data.

Please maintain backup of the virgin copy of SA for all such cases.

Good Luck.


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