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Problem changing USB 701675 to SATA

Posted: 03.07.18, 20:58
by murphman
I am trying to convert WD7500KMVV USB PCB to SATA; according to the stickied post on the board the following PCB are compatible:

701675 - 701672, 701609, or 771672

I tried about 4 or 5 771672; drive DOESNT spin up, stays in BUSY (after putting USB rom). Tried 701609 but it was 192KB ROM instead of 256K so it was incompatible. I searched ebay, donordrives for 701672 with no luck.

Has anyone else had a similar problems with this PCB? I changed tons of USB PCB to SATA (saving ROM through utility or COM) but this one is giving me a headache.. like I said the drive doent spin (it does spin with its native ROM but not with USB ROM).

I posted a picture of the PCB, I am assuming U12 is the ROM but none of the supported PCB have a rom like that so I cant really re-solder it.

Does anyone else have an idea? Thanks!

Re: Problem changing USB 701675 to SATA

Posted: 04.07.18, 09:19
by northwind
You need 771672, do not look for other PCBs.

So, if you:
Read ROM through COM port from your patient,
Wrote it to Donor PCB 771672 with success
and drive doesn't spin up, while original patient PCB works with patient drive, something is wrong in the process.
Try to read ROM again and compare with your first version. Confirm that donor CPU is 88i9045-TFJ2.

PS. You can solder the U12 of your drive to any U12 place, it will fit and it works. Be careful with those BGA-type chips, they are very heat-sensitive.

Re: Problem changing USB 701675 to SATA

Posted: 05.07.18, 16:35
by murphman
I have tried 5 or 6 different 771672 with no luck..

I read the ROM through COM port (double checked it)
Wrote ROM to 771672 through utility AND through COM port as well; drive stays in BSY and never spins up. The original spins up no problem.

All 771672 are indeed 88i9045-TFJ2 one thing I noticed though is that when I read the original ROM it shows as: 88i9045A1 (0x63A1) but all 5-6 donor PCB are all 88i9045B0 (0x63B0) but still 88i9045-TFJ2

I was thinking about soldering it (those type of chips are VERY heat-sensitive indeed) but are you sure its going to fit? Because the original ROM is skinny and flat and the donor (where I will be transferring it too) is one of the standard blocky big once; I dont think it will be fit but maybe i'm wrong. Also is there even a point in re-soldering because if it doesnt work after writing it what are the odds re-soldering it will make a difference?

Thanks for the suggestions

Re: Problem changing USB 701675 to SATA

Posted: 05.07.18, 17:10
by murphman
I found another USB PCB 701675; when I read the ROM it showed:

88i9045B0 (0x63B0) - just like all the SATA 771672

It seems my customer USB PCB 701675 is somewhat unique because as I said it shows 88i9045A1 (0x63A1) instead of 88i9045B0 (0x63B0) (like another 701675 and all 771672 I have tried..) - this is probably why the drive doesnt spin up..

What do I do in this case.. as I said I tried 771672 and they are all 88i9045B0 and I dont know how else to identify a SATA PCB that would have 88i9045A1 instead of 88i9045B0.. as the marking on the actual chip are all 88i9045-TFJ2

I'm at a complete loss.. any suggestions would be greatly appriciated

Re: Problem changing USB 701675 to SATA

Posted: 05.07.18, 21:44
by northwind
Does donor PCB with patient ROM spin up the donor drive?

Re: Problem changing USB 701675 to SATA

Posted: 11.07.18, 19:44
by murphman
northwind wrote:Does donor PCB with patient ROM spin up the donor drive?

I'm not sure as I'm converting from USB to SATA; would the USB ROM even work on the SATA board? The SATA PCB with original ROM (without putting USB ROM) does make the drive spin up and click. This is because its incorrect ROM but when I put the USB rom onto it, it doesnt spin and just stays in BSY.

I really think its something to do with the fact that USB PCB is 88i9045A1 (0x63A1) instead of 88i9045B0 (0x63B0) (which all 771672 are that I tested). I tried donor drives, ebay, etc but no one actually lists these parameters obviously.. so I dunno what else I can do to convert it to SATA