ST2000LM003 Donor head requirements

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ST2000LM003 Donor head requirements

Postby avalanche » 12.02.18, 01:47


I wondered if anyone could advise me on compatible donor parts as I have very few ST2000LM003 / 005 HDDs in stock for testing. I am looking for donor heads for a ST2000LM003, P/N: H2583-....

The only close HDD I had was that with P/N "G1" but the preamp is not a match. Other than trying to find another HDD with P/N which begins "H2" can any be helpful on if there are any other versions which are likely to provide a pre-amp match?

I know there is some tolerance in M8 series, for example use of heads from P/N "F1" work OK in "E7" HDDs.


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Re: ST2000LM003 Donor head requirements

Postby Amarbir[CDR-Labs] » 25.02.18, 11:54

if you could post a picture of your patient and donors top label and their roms i can help you find donor for these ,
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