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HN-M101MBB stops reading on a bad sector

Posted: 13.02.18, 22:15
by murphman

I have a Samsung HN-M101MBB hard drive. I managed to copy data on 3 out of 4 heads. I assumed head-0 was damaged (as it was barely reading) I replaced the head but am facing the exact same issues. Head-0 is reading at full speed without an issue but as soon as finds a bad sectors the drive complete freezes and has to be restarted. Also the drive takes a long time to reach RDY status.

Terminal output during a bad sector:
[GL][RS:05 006549768 90D05000]

Any ideas? I can reading/waiting parameters in DE and read the data off that way but it will take a very long time as there quite a few bad sectors. Wondering if someone has a better solution. Thanks!

EDIT: Head-0 has problems reading SA as well (some modules), even after the replacement. I am guessing this is whats causing the drive freeze on a bad sector.

Re: HN-M101MBB stops reading on a bad sector

Posted: 14.02.18, 03:09
by DataMedics
What are you using for a timeout setting? Try turning it down to around 150-200ms and see if that helps it jump over the bad ones. Also, try PIO mode as that might be better to avoid the locking up. Also, turning off things like sector reallocation can sometimes prevent that.

Having said that, there are occasional drives that just like to get stuck busy on every little error.

Re: HN-M101MBB stops reading on a bad sector

Posted: 25.02.18, 11:17
by Amarbir[CDR-Labs]
Its encountering a bad sector and trying to add entry to glist