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Posted: 06.09.18, 14:19
by Tweety

I have question - Does ST4000LM024 is supported at this time on PC3000???

Re: ST4000LM024

Posted: 06.09.18, 16:33
by DataMedics
It all depends on what you're trying to do. Some functions are supported, other functions are not.

Re: ST4000LM024

Posted: 06.09.18, 17:18
by Tweety
Heads swap and ofcourse recovery the data

Re: ST4000LM024

Posted: 25.09.18, 12:23
by Filipp_TS
Common questions means common answers.
Heads swap procedure depends on your skill and not related with PC-3000.
Data recovery is possible.

What about all case details?
What acase story? Why it's in yor DR lab?
What a drive's behavior?
Is it spinning?
What a terminal report after power on?
What yo already tried to perform for solving this case and what a result/error of your attempts?