SandForce based SSD

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Re: SandForce based SSD

Postby Roman_TS » 06.03.19, 10:10

se134 wrote:Any news?

Hello se134,

You can see the list of supported drives here. As soon as we will add SandForce drives in support list, we will announce it in our main web site, and list of supported drives in blog would be updated.
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Re: SandForce based SSD

Postby osity » 17.09.19, 16:30

I'm hoping for a solution to this as well.

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Re: SandForce based SSD

Postby northwind » 18.09.19, 10:33

We can handle those, but it's quite costly :)
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Re: SandForce based SSD

Postby lcoughey » 18.09.19, 14:12

northwind wrote:Source of the post We can handle those, but it's quite costly :)

While I can appreciate that the cost is justified by the complexity of the recovery, it is a shame that the majority of SandForce SSD recovery cases go unrecovered simply because the cost is just too high for the majority of owners. I do hope that there is a breakthrough soon so that we can make it more affordable and help more people get their data back.

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Re: SandForce based SSD

Postby protontech » 24.07.20, 11:57

Is there anyone who also play with SF controllers and temperature? In this week, I got 3 different SF case, each drive stuck at busy, without reach rdy state. After reball and cool down under -10C SSD got ready and I can read the whole drive, without any error.

It's a very interesting for me. I know that lower temp=lower resistance, but I want to know that I have very big luck with this cases or It can really help the SF controllers in deathrow.

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Re: SandForce based SSD

Postby FredW » 05.08.20, 17:31

@protontech Thanks a lot for the new approach :D Did you reball the Sandforce controller and/or the memory chips as well?

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