What chip is a Toshiba THNSNJ256GMCT

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What chip is a Toshiba THNSNJ256GMCT

Postby Continuum » 24.05.16, 09:29

I have one of these that comes ready and when I try to enter th utilities, it gives a DRD DWF and ERR error below.

what utility can I use for this and any ideas on how to fix it?

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Re: What chip is a Toshiba THNSNJ256GMCT

Postby Sergey_TS » 24.05.16, 10:02

Hello Continuum

Toshiba THNSNJ256GMCT is using TC58NC5HA9GST chip - this is analogue of Marvell 88SS9187
PC-3000 SSD does not support SSD recovery only by controller. First of all – PC-3000 SSD support combination of Firmware (Manufacturer) and controller. It’s very important, because some manufacturers use similar controllers but different Firmware with different technological mode commands, and such drives become unsupported.
List of supported SSD drives you can find here:
http://blog.acelaboratory.com/pc-3000-s ... dated.html

Your drive is not supported at this moment, but we are planning to add it in the near future.
With best regards
ACELab technical support

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