Which utility to use for Phison 3006-L

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Which utility to use for Phison 3006-L

Postby edbrandt » 21.06.17, 12:27


I'm trying to connect to an ASUS SSD with a Phison 3006-L controller, Samsung 828 (K9GAG08U0M) memory chips, but I can't find any associated utility profile. Any one knows which to use?

Phison3006-L.jpeg (272.59 KiB) Viewed 1603 times

This is for testing purposes only, no critical data. Any help appreciated, thanks.


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Re: Which utility to use for Phison 3006-L

Postby Roman_TS » 26.06.17, 09:45


It's very old SSD (most likely it;s from Asus EEE-PC netbook). There is no Utility for this modification of controller, but this PS3006 CPU is based on a common Phison-CF controller, so process of recovery shouldn't be much more complicated than data recovery from a common Compact Flash card.

You can try to recover it with PC-3000 Flash and chip unsoldering way. PS3006 does not use XOR or other algorythm for data encryption. Should be not so complicated in recovery:

http://www.pc3000flash.com/solbase/task ... 9&lang=eng
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