Intenso SSD USB 512GB PS2251-08-Z

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Intenso SSD USB 512GB PS2251-08-Z

Postby HEX » 28.08.18, 20:00

someone has met with an Intenso disk on the PS2251-08-Z controller?
The device is not detected when connected to the USB port.
Electronically functional, it looks like software damage.
Memory: TP9AG5NASA.
I do not even know what department to add the topic ...
Technically it's a big flash drive.
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Re: Intenso SSD USB 512GB PS2251-08-Z

Postby digitalsupport » 29.08.18, 08:05

I had 2 of these where a cap on vcc was shorted, not the same cap - so check your supply voltages.

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Re: Intenso SSD USB 512GB PS2251-08-Z

Postby Roman_TS » 29.08.18, 09:50

PS2251-08 - is a common NAND Flash controller, without encryption and complex mix. Theoretically you can try to solve it with chip off and with PC-3000 Flash.
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