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Intel SSD NAND Dump

Posted: 05.01.18, 22:34
by Datamx
Hello All,
We have an Intel SSD 160GB here. I was able to perform a NAND Chip Dump. I have 22 files (0-21) binary format. I have not been able to find any help on how to put the files back together... Any help would be useful and appreciated.

Re: Intel SSD NAND Dump

Posted: 07.01.18, 20:04
by Roman_TS

Can I ask you about your drive? What is the exact name of your drive and why you didn't try to recover it with translator rebuilding?

Re: Intel SSD NAND Dump

Posted: 09.01.18, 12:50
by AJ2008
Most Intels will implement encryption and I am not so sure you will be able to reassemble this...