Intel SSD 545S Series

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Intel SSD 545S Series

Postby Ohtic » 14.11.19, 02:53

Hi All

I have an Intel 545S Staying Busy. The controller is a SM2259AB.
Will this be supported by PC3K in the near future?


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Re: Intel SSD 545S Series

Postby Roman_TS » 14.11.19, 14:15

Hello. Sorry for bad news, but SM2259 is not supported. Every single manufacturer who is dealing with SM2258/SM2259 controller is writing it's own firmware for SSD. As the result, we should develop a new utility for every single SM2258/SM2259 case. Right now we can work with Plextor S2C and ADATA SU800 which are based on SM2258H/G. Other models are not listed. Probably we will add them in future but I don't have any estimate time for now.
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