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Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series

Posted: 10.01.17, 19:10
by lcoughey
Any tricks to get this model reading?

Capacity: 240GB
Controller: BF29AS41BB0

Re: Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series

Posted: 11.01.17, 10:21
by Roman_TS
Hello Luke! The latest Intel model which is supported now - Intel 320 and Intel 710. This one (PRO 1500) based on modified SandForce CPU.

Re: Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series

Posted: 11.01.17, 21:51
by lcoughey
Thanks Roman, I was hoping that you were going to say, just use the 710 utility or it will be in the next update. To suggest that it is a rebranded SandForce CPU is downright cruel.

Re: Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series

Posted: 13.12.18, 21:02
by datarecoveryexpert
About data recovery process from Sandforce based SSD.

CPU Intel BF29AS41BB0 also some time marked like Seagate - it is LSI / Sandforce SF-2281.
SSD labeled like INTEL SSD PRO 1500
it family name : Sierra Star.
For data recovery need provide many tests.
1. first need download panic dump use eCLI tools and analyse it.
2. Use engineering firmware for checking connection to each memory chip.
3. if solder connection good and all chip connected and responded then second step : Update / replace firmware in safe mode use terminal connection. This metod works in 10-20 % cases for SF-2281
4. if nothing works then it only one way for manual rebuild. Then possible read all memory chips use PC3000 and use need use metadata and encryption key from CPU.

also in 5-10 % existing other issue but not a lot.

Re: Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series

Posted: 20.05.19, 17:53
by FredW
Privet, Hi ,

is it the same with Intel Pro 2500?
I think so.
@ datarecoveryexpert:
Oleg, do you know the safe mode pins and terminal connection for this drive?
Is their anybody who has a senseful solution or am I the only one who gets all the time these f....g Sandforce SSDs or Samsung EVO 1 TB SSDs.
Customers always think that I am stupid that I can not solve these cases.
It costs me my 30 years reputation in data recovery that there are no solutions outside.
I hate this!
Best regards to all who have the same troubles..... from Freddy :???: :???: :???: