Intel 750 series SSD PCIE 0mb

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Intel 750 series SSD PCIE 0mb

Postby H3rmes » 22.08.18, 17:46

Hi all,

Even though we don't currently have a reliable PCIE hardware for dealing with these nvme drives, I'm going to put it here see if anyone knows a bit more with dealing with this particular issue.

We've got a Intel 750 series SSD PCIE (1.2TB) that shows 0mb but the driver and the Intel SSD toolbox correctly identifies the drive, firmware and serial number. Initially the drive was completely unresponsive and we managed to bring it back to life after reballing the controller. The drive does get the red LED light after being orange for a while so the firmware does detect a issue and terminates complete initialization.

Does anyone have any information of any software or methods that might jig this drive back to user area access? We're also happy to pay for a solution in private if this method is your own work.

I appreciate any input, thank you.
Gold Coast, Australia.

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