Marvell 88SS1074-BSW2 -Support with PC3K Tool ?

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Marvell 88SS1074-BSW2 -Support with PC3K Tool ?

Postby DRCSL » 18.12.18, 17:50


Dear All,

please find attachment,

Please can i know this model support with PC3000UDMA ?
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Re: Marvell 88SS1074-BSW2 -Support with PC3K Tool ?

Postby DataMedics » 18.12.18, 22:49

88SS1074 is listed on their supported SSD list as you can see here: ... dated.html

It's one of the Marvell VanGogh ones. Though they don't specifically list Kingston there, so it's hard to know if it might have modifications from the stock Marvell controller.

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Re: Marvell 88SS1074-BSW2 -Support with PC3K Tool ?

Postby Roman_TS » 19.12.18, 10:06



This Kingston Model is not supported. PC-3000 SSD does not support SSD recovery only by controller. First of all – PC-3000 SSD support combination of Firmware (Manufacturer) and controller. It’s very important, because some manufacturers use similar controllers but different Firmware with different technological mode commands, and such drives become unsupported. For example – We completely support 88SS9174 Marwell controller, which is presented in Micron, Plextor, Sandisk and Crusial drives – they have similar FW. But at the same time, some of Lite-On drives based on the same 88SS9174 CPU are not supported, because their firmware microprogram is completely rewrite by Lite-on company. At the same time, modern families of Silicon Motion and Phison drives, have a default platform SM22xx and PS31xx which are very similar. So, if you will catch Kingston drive based on PS3109, it would be also supported, even if such Kingston model is not in support list.

Also, we don't have full support of Marvell controllers. If they have BSY state, or jump into BSY after sending any command - for now there is no way. Solution for Marvell-based Sandisk will be ready in next SSD update.
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