segat 1tb no sys file?

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segat 1tb no sys file?

Postby sepid » 09.12.14, 01:28

i have a hdd seagat 1 tb
this h.d.d no detect only bsy!!!
i do short pin this h.d.d detecting.
now detect and id ok head test ok edit id ok
but no access sysfile and no access to sector?
what i do?

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Re: segat 1tb no sys file?

Postby Dmitriy_TS » 15.01.15, 18:38


What is model of drive?
Does drive stop?
With best regards
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Re: segat 1tb no sys file?

Postby Nadpc3k » 26.05.15, 23:49

i have same issue with seagate laptop 750 GB .... read everything except sys file .. any solution

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