Hitachi Deskstar HDT722516DLAT80 locked?

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Hitachi Deskstar HDT722516DLAT80 locked?

Postby NickPringle » 09.10.07, 19:23


I am trying to recover data from an Hitachi Deskstar HDT722516DLAT80 drive.

I have used the commands in HDD Security subsystem to unlock the drive and clear the password. At first this appeared to work. I was able to read the modules and store them in the database.

After using the unlock and clear commands several times the drive will not now respond.

It powers up (but takes 100 seconds to return DRD DSC!) ok and I can check the controller board.

When I start the Hitach - IBM utility I get

HDD ID has not been read.
Error: Error reading HDD ID (ABR)
Run utility?

I then get menu forming followed by "Cannot identify the HDD family".

"Family work settings correction data loading from the section DPTA" is written in the log.

A Utility dialog prompts for manual entry. I select DLAT and click Utility start.

Selected family......DLAT
Model by ID .....: <ID IS NOT READ>
Techno-mode key......: Error

is shown in the log and the Utiliy start dialog box re-appears.
This is now in a loop. I can only "Exit".

Any ideas or comments?

Nick Pringle

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