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HTS541060G NVRAM Damaged

Posted: 13.02.12, 18:57
by darkosski
Hi Guru's

This is my first time posting as im a new user, im working on a Hitachi 2.5 HTS541060G and the problem im getting is
when ever i put the NVRAM chip on a donor PCB the pcb seems to die.

I have tried 2 PCB's so far which powered up the donors with the donors NVRAM chip but as soon as i put the patient NVRAM
chip on the PCB's no longer power the hard drive...

Am i missing something or is the NVRAM chip causing some other component on the working PCB to die??

any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: HTS541060G NVRAM Damaged

Posted: 14.02.12, 02:02
by 300ddr
check closely that all 8 legs on the nvram are still there. sometimes they can come off if you pull a little too hard (resulting in "dead" board). if the first two lines of pcb number (white sticker) are the same, I believe nvram swap should work.

Re: HTS541060G NVRAM Damaged

Posted: 14.02.12, 09:59
by Igor

Donor PCB with patient NVRAM may not work because of incompatible ROM versions, but usually, as 300ddr wrote, if first two lines on the label on PCB are the same, ROM versions should be compatible.
Such behavior may also appear if patient NVRAM is damaged. If you have external programmer you can check content of NVRAM chip, if it will be empty, so NVRAM is damaged. NVRAM is more sensitive than ROM chips, it may become damaged because of overheating very easy.
PC-3000 has procedure for NVRAM restoration, it is named NVRAM adjustment. There is description of it in manual for Hitachi IBM.

Re: HTS541060G NVRAM Damaged

Posted: 14.02.12, 22:33
by darkosski
Thanks for the info, i will have to wait until my pc3000 arrive to get the manuals unless they are online in soft copy for download.


Re: HTS541060G NVRAM Damaged

Posted: 01.03.12, 01:44
by darkosski
ok so my pc3000 arrived yesterday and i installed it today, i fired it up and here is what i did...

1. changed the pcb on the HTS541060G with a compatible one which i bought online ..first 2 lines on the sticker matched exactly

2. connected the drive to pc3000 and powered it on DSC and DriveReady registers light green

3. i use the work with nvram option and search for SA from disk.

4. drive reads and clicks loudly and power cycles

5. i connect the old PCB and to my surprise it reads and i am able to save the NVram to file

6. i connected the working board and write the nvram from file to new pcb nvram

7. drive does not spin up

i noticed before when i connected the nvram chip to any new pcb's they would stop powering up the drive..... any one have any idea why this would happen.
im assuming there is nothing really wrong with the pcb's i have and that nvram somehow has a setting which stops the drive from spinning up.

im pretty sure i read somewhere about some bit that was set and needed to be reset or something like that....


Re: HTS541060G NVRAM Damaged

Posted: 01.03.12, 08:17
by Igor
Attach please here:
donor's nvram
donor's rom
patient's nvram
patient's rom

Re: HTS541060G NVRAM Damaged

Posted: 01.03.12, 08:26
by darkosski
Hi Igor

Its 1:23am here i will upload when i get to the office, but have you ever heard of situations were the NVRAM stops the drive from spinning up?

also i think i know how to save the nvram to file but how do i save the ROM...

forgive me i am very very very new with pc3000

Re: HTS541060G NVRAM Damaged

Posted: 01.03.12, 08:34
by Igor
It's ok :)

Nvram may "stop" the drive if:
nvram is damaged
mvram is not compatible with rom (donor's rom)

There is option "read rom".

Re: HTS541060G NVRAM Damaged

Posted: 01.03.12, 15:56
by darkosski
hi Igor i tried to upload the files but got an error about the file extensions so i emailed them to you...
thanks for the support...


Re: HTS541060G NVRAM Damaged

Posted: 02.03.12, 05:56
by darkosski
Hi Gurus

i got the drive to start spinning again... luckily i saved the nvram data from the donor board and was able to write it back from file to the donors NVRAM chip.
no im back to the original problem, when i power the drive on it clicks about 13 times then i get the DRD and DSC registers light up green.
but no id of the drive no info no anything other than .49MB as capacity.

if i try to do a NVRAM adjustment the drive reads and clicks... power off and back on again and it repeats the process..

i did notice when the NVRAM adjustment test was running i saw some red dots on the top right of my screen... is that an indication of bad sectors in the SA?

also is there a manual for testing the drive heads? i would like to know if these R/W heads are ok.... i think they are because the drive is goin DRD DSC...

im sorry if i am asking tooooo many questions but please bare with me.