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J9SA w/ blank ROM

Posted: 30.08.12, 17:33
by scott
I've had two cases come in this week where drive ERR/ABRT. Heads test fine in donors, PCB tests fine in donor (NVRAM swap).

Reading NVRAM with utility and bare shows the NVRAM is blank full of zeroes.

Running SA Search on one "worked" and I could get the drive to detect but every sector is UNC. In healthy J9 series they have the S/N in the NVRAM. Guessing they also have unique adaptives ala seagate f3? Any possible work arounds here?

The other ran SA Search "forever" and couldn't ever find firmware. Did this with full knowledge of head mapping after physical inspection and same manufacture month/top-2 lines on donor board. Not sure what to make of this. Any ideas?

Re: J9SA w/ blank ROM

Posted: 03.09.12, 18:43
by ACE_Admin

Excuse me but could you please tell us full model on this drive?

Re: J9SA w/ blank ROM

Posted: 04.09.12, 20:10
by scott

Similar healthy drives have all had S/N and a bunch of unique stuff in the NVRAM.