IBM 40MB capacity drive tool support

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IBM 40MB capacity drive tool support

Postby ForensicsHEL » 18.02.14, 03:46

I have an old laptop drive that is an IBM WDA-240 40 MEGABYTE capacity drive. Yes that is 40 MB. It seems to be mechanically fine. It comes ready in PC3K and spins up fine it seems but neither seems to be able to read it. In PC3K the drive doesn't ID. A colleague told me he doesn't think the current PC3K has support for this old drive. Is there something I can do for either tool to be able to read this drive or is there any other tool that I can use to read this drive??

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Re: IBM 40MB capacity drive tool support

Postby AJ2008 » 18.02.14, 11:56

Probably PC3K cannot work with it as it does not support LBA mode. Try connecting directly to IDE channel on an older machine, assuming is mechanically sound it should identify and be accessible.

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