HTS725050A7E630: capacity shows .26MB

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HTS725050A7E630: capacity shows .26MB

Postby 300ddr » 22.08.14, 23:35

Never seen this before. ID is good except capacity which shows .26MB.

Mods all pass. But did notice the two copies of PHST differ slightly (32 differences). I tried writing copy 0 to 1 and 1 to 0, problem remains.

I also tried "HDD Translator Init in RAM." I tried with each copy of PHST and also with/without the RDMT (both the original and a "cleared" version).

Size show in "Edit HD ID" is correct (500GB). Both heads can write to SA. SA test doesn't show any noticeable problems. Drive has two heads and size is incorrect when changing map to 00 00 or 01 01 (01 01 can't read "open modules" even though 00 00 can, which may mean this head is weak and perhaps the problem?).

Anyone seen this before? Any ideas?

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