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Update "PC-3000 for SCSI"

Posted: 26.09.08, 17:45
by Vladimir SCSI
Dear "Pc-3000 for SCSI" Users!
We have uploaded into your update boxes new version, which now contains Fujitsu utility.
In this utility there are realized the following opportunities:
- housekeeping information structure checking
- service tracks reading-writing
- housekeeping data modules reading-writing
- configuration pages reading-writing
- ROM reading
- modules and cp browsing and editing
- logical parameters long reading with capability of writing read data to the file
- heads and surface physical parameters testing (reading-writing)
- HDD serial number editing
- S.M.A.R.T. data reading
- enhanced diagnostics

Documentation is now being translated and on its termination will be uploaded into update boxes.

Re: Update "PC-3000 for SCSI"

Posted: 28.09.08, 12:11
by Mike_Montgomery
Hi Vladimir,

Update is not in my box (001003)


Re: Update "PC-3000 for SCSI"

Posted: 01.10.08, 13:12
by ACE_Admin
Update is not in my box (001003)

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