WD RE Storage with ARCH7

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WD RE Storage with ARCH7

Postby STT » 14.09.16, 04:52


Would like to ask, PC3K can support this model below?
This is WD Re Datacenter Storage HDD and we failed to sending vendor specific command. Only perform standard ATA command.

WD2004FBYZ - 2TB
WD5001F9YZ - 5TB
WD6001F4PZ - 6TB
WD6001FSYZ - 6TB


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Re: WD RE Storage with ARCH7

Postby DataMedics » 15.09.16, 21:05

Often these data center drives never make it to having a utility within PC-3000. Just too few of ever show up for recovery to be worthwhile. Often you can find a similar enough family to at least read tracks and extract modules so you can do some basic SA tinkering.

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