change parameters

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change parameters

Postby hamed9821 » 01.11.19, 11:35

I have a software that supports specific hard drives
The software owner is no longer working and no support
Two of my hard drives are now broken
Software owner says buy two hard drive seagate ST2000nm008 and change firmware name to " ACC-5 " and model name to "ACC-Sea" then Software Hard to know.
now, How can I do this ? Please Help me.
Also, one of my friends has a pc-3000 pci card

Please Help me.

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Re: change parameters

Postby DataMedics » 05.11.19, 20:11

Changing the HDD ID is super easy in PC-3000, but I don't think there's an easy option to change the firmware name. I'm sure it can be manually done, but not just a quick thing to do it.

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