Toshiba drive cannot read sectors

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Toshiba drive cannot read sectors

Postby pclab » 19.04.19, 12:58

Hi Guys

I have a strange case here.
This patient was dropped and heads damaged.
I swapped heads with this donor (I believe it's a perfect donor), but I can't read User Area.
What happens:
First it stays busy for a while, but I can manage that and get it ready. I could already read CP and G-List without any problem.
But if I try to read sectors I always get AMNF error. If I use Utility and load G-list from HDD, I can read some initial sectors, but almost everything is 00000.
If I try to add some sector to G-list or even erase Smart or G-List, I get errors as well.
Heads back to donor work flawless. No dust on patient heads or donor.

Any Ideas?
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Re: Toshiba drive cannot read sectors

Postby Sergey_TS » 12.06.19, 14:38

pclab, Hi! Any difference with donor PCB? :shockable:
With best regards
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Re: Toshiba drive cannot read sectors

Postby Takanashi_Hina » 12.06.19, 20:17

Damaged CP DD ?
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