HTS541010A7E630 - Strange Drive

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HTS541010A7E630 - Strange Drive

Postby shahi » 15.05.19, 21:25

I had a 3 years old case same model. Writing about a new case.

In past, I received 3-4 pcs of this model.
Symptom # DRIVE READY IN 2-3 SECONDS. but no detection. Once we try UTILITY, then drive IDs, shows SN, FW but capacity 0. Once we try to see NVRAM, it shows wrong head map.I tested on good and bad drive. In both case its wrong headmap.

If we try to hear the internal behaviour, we can hear its spinning very nice and smooth. No abnormal noise, but drive doesn't calibrate. If we go for precise hearing, the head actually doesnt move from ramp, it stays in ramp. I have opened a hdd earlier with similar symptom and behaviour, exactly same what I noticed.

PS # There is no exact utility for this model but we use 5450A7 utility for this case.

To solve this issue, we tried different combination, but all the cases were unsuccessful.
1. We tried PCB Replacement, same
2. HSA SWAP, it remains same.
3. Tried to read SA, but inaccessible.

Have you ever faced this model with such situation?
Today, I have another new case with exactly same behaviour. Tried LDR with same model, still SA is ubreadable.

Whats your experience?

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