Sandisk X300 1/4 capacity

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Sandisk X300 1/4 capacity

Postby bryn » 17.05.19, 16:49

Is there any help for a Sandisk SD7SN6S-512G-1006 ?
Drive is seen as having 1/4 capacity of drive label.
Drive appears to be locked.

I don't see the SD7SN6S-512G-1006 in the supported model selection, so I use the SD7SB7S-512G-1006 option.

PC3000 IDs the drive as
Model : SanDisk SD7SN6S-512G-1006
Serial : 152620400757
Firmware : X3511006
Capacity : 137 GB (268 435 455)

Selected model.......................... : X300 512GB Attention! SSD is Locked.
Run test "View password information" for unlocking the SSD.
The "Security" module has not been found!

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