Access SA WD Palmer

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Access SA WD Palmer

Postby fixdata » 07.09.19, 00:39


I have a Palmer WD10SPZX-60Z10T0 disk.
Upon entering the utility originally marked the following error:

Module ID 0B reading error Device Error Detected: "SED DRIVE LOCKED"

Apparently the disc has a physical damage since it does not make any click sounds.

At Acelab technical support suggestion, buy an unlocked PCB at

Today I received the unlocked PCB, when entering the utility the error no longer appeared: "SED DRIVE LOCKED". Because I don't have Firmware for this disk model, I select the Upload dir into HDD RAM option and choose load From HDD SA.

When doing this procedure I get the following error:

Static module reading error Device Error Detected: "VSC ERR INV FUNC CODE REQ"

Does anyone know how I can access the SA? Or do you recommend looking for a donor as close as possible and prove what happens?
Or does anyone have Firmware that they can share for the ROM version: 0002000P.

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Access SA WD Palmer

Postby d_d_recovery » 07.09.19, 00:56

You can only use a donor FW on these drives, it does not work uploading directly from the SA. And yes you do need to get exactly the same FW.

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