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Postby msurgeon » 05.05.20, 21:28

Apparently this is Lamar family. Drive spins up, heads leave ramp, beeps once, spins down in RDY mode with heads parked back on ramp. No obvious platter or head damage. Terminal gives a couple of lines of FAIL servo op information. Is this an obvious head issue or is it something about this drive family for which the new update is required? Thanks for some direction.

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Re: ST8000DM004

Postby digitalsupport » 06.05.20, 06:14

Typical head issue on these. Inspection of HSA and ramp under microscope will most likely reweal the course.

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Re: ST8000DM004

Postby Maxim_TS » 21.05.20, 16:47

By the way, 8B Lamarr family has been added to 6.7 update. Head map editing is not recommended for new drives, so head swap is the only way.
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