HGST HEJ423220H9E300

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HGST HEJ423220H9E300

Postby DCC-PC3K » 09.07.18, 15:45


I have a HGST HEJ423220H9E300 drive which is ATA locked. Family isn't detected in PC-3K, though the model/Serial, FW and capacity are read fine.

I notice that there is some support for HEJ4250xxF9xxxx and HEJ4210xxG9xxxx, but these just give a Techno Mode Key error if selected manually.

Has anyone dealt with this particular Endurastar before? I am interested in retrieving the ATA password if at all possible.

Kind regards.

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Re: HGST HEJ423220H9E300

Postby Filipp_TS » 25.09.18, 12:11


Try to manually select Any HEJ***** model name in Hitachi IBM utility and use "Password unlocking" option.
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