Pin layout of Intenso Micro SD Cards

Questions about different pinouts, scheme of soldering and required equipment

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Tobias Jungbauer
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Pin layout of Intenso Micro SD Cards

Postby Tobias Jungbauer » 13.09.18, 06:25


I have three different Micro SD cards of the brand Intenso here. Of all three, I find no information about the pin layout.

Has anyone of you ever worked with one of these?

I'm grateful for any help. :???:

Best regards

Tobias Jungbauer
Intenso Micro SD 32GB
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Intenso Micro SD 16GB
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Intenso Micro SD 16GB
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Re: Pin layout of Intenso Micro SD Cards

Postby Amarbir[CDR-Labs] » 16.09.18, 13:35

Very interesting ,I have never seen such layout ,But i am sure can be developed ,I see a lot of pads also for main contacts
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